How to model time-to-event and ‘time between events’ on real data using the Exponential Family to optimize returns of time driven investments.

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The meaningful features your model is missing maybe a one-liner away.

1. Theory

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Boosting Performance by Generating Features from External Data with Python.

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What we’ll do

  • Step 1: Explore the Seattle Housing Prices Data
  • Step 2: Create a Price Prediction Model
  • Step 3: Add Features from External Data
  • Step 4: Compare and Analyze Results

Step 1. Explore the Seattle Housing Prices Data

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Simplicity is key

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It’s simpler than you think.

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Minimize cost Function

What we’ll do

  • Step 1: Define and understand Data and Target
  • Step 2: Make a Simple Forecast Model
  • Step 3: Improve it by…


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What we’ll do

  • Step 1: Set up technical prerequisites
  • Step 2: Get the data for daily Amazon Candles since 2017
  • Step 3: Define and understand target for ML
  • Step 4: Blend business news to our data and understand tokens
  • Step 5: Prepare our data and apply ML
  • Step 6: Measure and analyze results
  • Step 7: Break the data and train/test through time

Step 1. Prerequisites

  • Have Python…

A step-by-step tutorial using Python.

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A Study of Each Swing State’s Key Drivers Using Machine Learning.


Which candidate will leverage the concepts that influence the voters’ behavior the most?

Federico Riveroll

An attempt to separate signal from noise. | MSDS

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